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Once the proportioning valve (which is installed in the front circuit) is removed from the car the Pantera braked very well for the early 1970s era ... but it didn't brake very well after repeated stops because the disks were not ventillated ... the brakes would fade due to heat. There really isn't anything wrong with the performance of the brake system hydraulically outside of the proportioning valve being installed in the front circuit. The front brakes are decent assemblies with 4 piston calipers. The rear brake assemblies however are very undersized.

Is an oem style master available from Steve Wilkinson? If so, my advice would be to buy one, disassemble it before you install it in your car, clean it thoroughly, inspect the bores, lube the parts properly & re-assemble it, fill the master with fresh brake fluid and bench bleed it before you install it in your Pantera.

Minimum brake upgrade:

  • remove the proportioning valve from the hydraulic brake system entirely
  • replace the master cylinder with an oem style master cylinder
  • rebuild the front calipers
  • replace the front disks with ventillated disks
    (modified '65 - '67 Mustang disks)
  • front brake pads are available from EBC, Raybestos, JFZ, or Porterfield
    (I recommend ceramic pads for street cars)

amendment to list based on discussion in this thread:

  • replace the rear brake assemblies with the rear brake kit from SACC Restorations (the kit employs Wilwood 4 piston calipers).
  • retain the oem rear brake assemblies to use as parking brakes only. Parking brake options also include assemblies manufactured by IPSCO or Wilwood. SACC has a Pantera specific parking brake composed of Wilwood components.


The money you spend on this brake restoration & upgrade is guaranteed to be money well spent. You'll agree the first time you stop hard. The brakes shall feel "racier" and safer too. You'll enjoy the brakes the Pantera should have been equipped with in the first place. Its an invisble upgrade that won't detract from the original looks of your Pantera

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