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Reply to "Pantera Brake Improvements"

Originally posted by Tom@Seal Beach:

Usually the proportioning valve is put in to stop the rear tires from locking up before the fronts lock.

That's correct.

If the rear tires don't lock-up with pressure to the front brakes reduced by a proportioning valve, there is no way they will lock up with full pressure applied to the front brakes by removal of the proportioning valve. The balance of braking front to rear moves more to the front when the proportioning valve is removed.

Removal of the proportioning valve is one of the oldest traditional mods to the Pantera, its a proven mod that has been performed for 40 years. Its nothing new, controversial, or dangerous. That's why vendors like Wilkinson have kits for performing the mod. Full pressure can be applied to the front brakes, allowing it to stop more quickly, with more stopping power. The braking performance (and therefore the safety) of your Pantera is enhanced by the proportioning valve's removal. Lots of owners have performed the mod, if you search the forum you'll find many recommendations for performing it, you won't find one complaint or horror story.

My Pantera has a Wilwood system. 12.75" rotors at all 4 corners, 4 piston calipers at all 4 corners, same size pads & pad material at all 4 corners. But the caliper pistons are smaller in the rear, only 65% of the piston area as the front. It has no proportioning valve, but it performs perfectly. I have flogged the car at over 100 mph on mountain roads, performed emergency stops, I've tried to make the rears lock up, but they never have. Brake systems don't necessarily "need" proprtioning valves. The Pantera's oem rear brakes are so undersized compared to the front brakes there is no way they will lock-up before the fronts.