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Reply to "Tires for OEM 15 inch wheels"

That size you are looking for is the Pirelli which hasn't been made in years.

Your best choices right now in the US are BFG 295-50-15 or Mickey Thompson LT 26-12R15.

Not to step on anyones action but buying new tires that are three years old or older is risky.

Particularly with high performance tires.

Depending on the quantity of anti oxidation chemicals in the rubber compound, the treads dry and crack.

The danger is of a high speed blowout by anything over 10 mph can be an issue also.

I have had chunks of the tread missing starting right around the three year old level.

Check the manufacturing date in the tire.

No matter how you take care of them, it doesn't matter. There is a time clock running on tires as soon as they come out of the mold.

Makes no sense in trying to save tread on them. Might as well just go out and burn them up.

The BFG's and the P7's are both susceptible to this drying out of the treads and cracking.

The P7's in my opion were only a good deal when they were more reasonably priced.

To pay over $400 per tire for them is foolish. They aren't the great of a design. The rubber compound sucks.

They are hard and do not stick well at all.

Where do you feel that you need a V rating? Where are you going to go 149 mph? Tell me please? I want to drive there too?

Go with the Mickey Thompsons. They are $233 each, which is what I payed for the P7's.
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