Reply to "Stock 73 sold for $45,995"

Originally posted by PanteraDoug:
Isn't it strange how stupid people are with money?
Why would some one spend over $100,000 on a restoration knowing that the car was only worth $35000?

LOL, Hey Doug, that would be me! I just put 30K in an MGB!:

Check out my restoration:

I doubt I could get $20K if I tried to sell the car. I don't however have any intention of selling it.But it is my creation. Maybe it will have 10-15K more then what it's worth when done but it is what I wanted. If I wasn't doing that I could have been wasting the money on something else (golf, Vegas).

I think the problem is in pursuit of a dream it often ruins the dream. Often after people put so much money, time and effort into a car they simply get burned out with it, it causes them to have new dreams and are ready to m,ove on to the next dream. I know why people do it but no it doesn't make much sense.