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Reply to "Seeking advice regarding how to trouble shoot a temperature gauge that doesn't work."

If you want advice from a recliner want to be mechanic ;

Ignition OFF

Locate water temperature sender

  • Front of block under thermostat
  • Mid way down on the coolant tank

Disconnect single red with black strip wire from sender

Measure resistance of wire back to gauge, 100 to 200 ohms

Switch ignition ON

Measure voltage of wire from gauge, 4 to 8 volts

With wire disconnected, gauge should be full cold

Using jumper from good ground to wire and gauge should go full hot

If not, problem with gauge

Use jumper from wire to temperature sender outer hex, gauge should go full hot.

If not, installed sender is not connected to ground.

If so, replace sender.  

trouble shooting sender . . . . . (to be continued)

But suggest testing new sender before installing by measuring resistance cold and boiling water.



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