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Reply to "Seeking advice regarding how to trouble shoot a temperature gauge that doesn't work."

punkdog posted:

... Keep in mind that a lot of parts being sold these days like temp senders are Chineese junk. So an out of box failure is not uncommon. That will drive you crazy if you let it …

Every "manufacturer" cross references their part numbers to SMP's part number for the equivalent part (SMP = Standard Motor Products). SMP is the big dog in the parts business, they have an excellent reputation for providing OEM quality parts. I've been purchasing SMP parts since the 1960s, I've never been burned by them yet. They are the parent company of Blue Streak (premium ignition parts) and Intermotor (import parts).

SMP parts are sold by independent parts stores (a dying breed) but can also be found on eBay and Amazon. The chain stores sell Wells, Air Tex, etc which are Chinese parts.



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