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Reply to "The Egyptian Survivor #6960"

@joules posted:

At that time Pantera values were pretty low, perhaps the hassle and cost of shipping, importation etc. simply wasn't deemed cost effective, if he could just replace it in the US upon arriving home?

Many cars that fetch multi millions of dollars today, like GT40's were simply abandoned or sold dirt cheap in France after a Le Mans race as the cost of transport back was deemed too high for a used up race car!

Yep. It was said that Shelby didn't want to pay for bringing back the Comp Cobras from Europe because of the cost.

There is an interesting scene in Ford v. Ferrari where Remington asks Shelby to come and say hello to a new 427 purchaser.

Shelby says "they're just cars Phil. That's what they get for the money". Now where that scene is likely fictional, Shelby was quoted as saying about the Daytona Coupes when he turned a cold shoulder to them, "they're just cars".

I agree with Joules here. It probably just wasn't worth bringing the car back to the US, unless of course you could get the "Company" to do it for free?

It would probably cost more then the car was worth at the time?