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Reply to "The Egyptian Survivor #6960"

@M.Ezzeldin posted:

To answer your question Doug, #6960 Has the leather covered dashboard.

That is consistent with what I was told about Euro delivered cars. Leather on fiberglass.

As far as Shelby goes, the comment explains a lot of his perspective at the time.

It is said that the Coupes "languished out back" at the LA facility at LAX for quite a while. You could buy any one for $2,500. The number three GT40, a team car, had the same fate. Wound up here in NY licensed for the street. "They were just VERY USED cars"!

Phil Specter wound up with one and was often seen driving around LA in it. He wound up giving it to one of his security guards and put in storage in a container for 30 years.

His wacky daughter winding up with it and eventually commuting suicide over the pressure of selling it.

Of the "Fords", other then maybe the Mk II's that won at Lemans, there isn't a more valuable car in existence.

Things change but sometimes take time. Christianity took over 400 years to be accepted in Rome. Things move a little faster now...but not by much sometimes?

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