Reply to "Seeking suggestions regarding throttle cable improvements."

6D73BB27-69C9-44EE-807E-1F45D7D2965FBBFAD5DD-92CD-41E7-ADEC-0986C5DD3E6CB932A670-A5F3-41D0-9DCE-D7C9DDD8A1EE6E39C384-2934-41B6-89EF-5F90A4DF7BBE2EFD3CD4-29F9-48EF-9F20-9D0F81EC0ADFWhile waiting for 2511s repairs and painting to be completed I have had a lot of time to address projects.

One was the accelerator cable clamp. I purchased a throttle cable bracket from an eBay seller. There are many brackets in this style but this is a one-off that had a longer slide slot which insured the cable mounting point would mimic the original position. 

 Because our cars’ cables pulls from the front unlike most cars, I had to modify the bracket by cutting off the slide portion and welding it to the other end of the bracket. 

 I also purchased the linkage kit sold by Dennis Quella which incorporates heim joints and a custom Holley carburetor bracket that provides improved cable geometry.

 Without a carburetor cable on hand I do not yet have a correct mounting bracket but I believe the style pictured will work with little to no modification.

 I think this is going to work but until  I have 2511 back home we will just have to wait and see. But I thought this thread was a good place to share this project.



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