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Reply to "Tighten rear axle nuts with a “torque multiplier”?"

@Percy posted:

F,,,the nuts moved from hard snug  by a full 1/4 turn of the nut +1/4 " to the final tensioned position .

This is consistent with structural friction joint bolting method on high strength bolts. FWIW.

Thanks, good to know

did you notice what the thread pitch of the nut.

for the heavy equipment i use to work, Torque was very rarely used (only for the small stuff <1")

"Turn of the nut" was the most used method with actual bolt strain measurement being the preferred.   as BossWrench just noted, too many things effect "torque"

Just thinking, for this assembly the amount of bolt "strain"  probally is less than the inner /outer bearing spacer compression.

Oh, you said 1/4 turn, what is the 1/4" meaning?   (is it, you went 1/4" on the outer diameter past 90 degrees?)