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UPDATED --- Who has Kirk's removable center flat firewall?


I am upgrading 2511 to Kirk Evans removable center, flat firewall kit.

Kirk built his removable center cover so it terminates in the center of the passenger seat and thus hides that edge. But 2511 has an added bulkhead centered behind the seat that incorporates a Simpson shoulder harness anchor.

The Velcro anchoring system for the center cover directly blocks the harness anchor, so I need to narrow the removable cover. But with 2511 at Denny's I can't determine the measurements I need for the modification.

So, can someone with Kirk's kit please provide the width of the gap ........... on the driver's side ........ as shown in this photo?



BTW - Kirk says if I had known of the conflict he would've gladly adjusted his build and narrowed the cover to accommodate the shoulder harness anchor.


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