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Reply to "What Year Is This Car?"

Hello Guys,

I do know that the car is an '82 that has been converted to a wide body GT5-S.

The following is what I have dedueced with my limited knowledge of these cars. I have referenced numerous pictures on the web for comparison. I believe the only real difference in this car and a late '80's GT5-S is that the front lower spoiler is from a GT5 and not a GT5-S. This may be a simple swap, then he has added the additional air inlet vents (using fiberglass) in front of the front wheels.

Some other people have told me that the body has been widened but I do not think this is correct. All the comparison pictures I look at seem like the width is the same. I think that because the wheel/fender wells are radiused to match the tire that it makes the car look different.

Do you think the car has been lowered? What about the dropped floor for more headroom. Wouldn't this prevent a lot of lowering?

Anyone know what type of mirrors these are? I have seen them on a few other Pantera's.