white/black 72 Pre-L for sale. Too much t list, contact me for detail, video added

I'm thinking about selling my 72 Pre-L I bouht a year ago.

I've put a lot of work into this car, making it into a solid, reliable hotrod. When I say "hotrod", I mean the car has a stroked Cleveland to 408, Roller everything, TWM injection, EFI, runs on PI wheels with wide tires (335x35x17 rears) and many go-fast mods.

Car has many mods for track use, modified suspension, adjustable shocks, frame braces front and rear, it is very happy on the street or the track.

Body is stock, in nice condition, no rust, new rubber everywhere,doors, hood, decklid, Vader windows, lowered seats, many mods and improvements made to the car over time.
I've recently spent quite a bit of money getting the car into running shape. It has a racing engine that makes north of 600 HP, and has superb oil pressure, and no cooling issues (fluidyne radiator and fans, 180 thermostat).

This car has been around for a while, many know about this car, please research, I suggest a PPI, I will be completely transparent about everything I know about the car.

As it sits now, I drive it weekly, it runs perfectly (although could use a tune-runs rich) and it's a head turner. Fast as hell too.

Gearbox is perfect, extra tall 5th, wired ring gear, the works, smooth as butter.

Interior is very nice. Extra (accurate) gauges added.

I'm pricing the car where I think it's worth, the engine is a monster with lots of exotic parts with huge power.

It's a great driver, not perfect, but perfect for a number of options. Great for a restoration, great for a drive and enjoy it, great for a track day/autocross car too.

Please PM me or email me at mikethesnake@comcast.net for pics or more information.

$73,000 or best offer.

I'm looking into getting an airplane, possibly changing hobbies, so I thought I'd put this out there to see if anyone bites.

Please PM me or contact me via email for motr pics and info and I'd be happy to give my phone number to talk about the car.

Here's a link to a vid my friend was nice enough to help me with.


Mike simon


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