Reply to "white/black 72 Pre-L for sale. Too much t list, contact me for detail, video added"

Actually I don't expect to sell it at this price, so don't worry, I'll probably own it for a long time.

I DO move from hobby to hobby.

I used to fly model powered radio controlled planes. Then got into slope soaring RC sailplanes.

Then i got into racing offroad RC cars, (in 05 I was ranked 20th in the US, won the "King of California race in 1/4 scale 3 or 4 years ago, and got 5th at the Nationals the same year.

In between that I got into composites, and making molded model (and real) sailplanes. My friends and I hold the world speed record for ALL model aircraft, with SAILPLANES. Unpowered gliders.
Check Youtube for "dynamic Soaring world record", and watch the slower vids. The WR sits now at 505mph! Watch the 300-400mph videos because the FAST, record breaking vids of 450-500, you can't see them they're going so fast. Crank up the sound too! My God, Dynamic Soaring is amazing. These gliders, which used to weigh maybe 5 or 6 pounds, now weigh 65 pounds, and are locked into 100G circles!

After too many close calls, I switched hobbies and bought a Porsche and went racing. after a few years I sold that and got a regular car (a hotrodded BMW twin turbo 135i), then I put a turbo on a new Subaru BRZ, but realized I really wanted to buy my dream car, a Pantera.

Now I've done that, I AM HAPPY, but I have gone through quite a bit with this car to get it perfect, and I'm loving owning and driving it, but now I've been recently bitten by the flying bug.
I figure I'll throw it out there at a high price (which it IS worth) and if someone bites, great. If not, I win! I own a Pantera!

In a month or 2 I'm starting my flying lessons. I don't expect to sell the Pantera, after I get my license I might get more aggressive about selling it.