Reply to "white/black 72 Pre-L for sale. Too much t list, contact me for detail, video added"


I'm enjoting the car profusely. It IS worth every bit of 75, but to the right person. If one looks it's obvious there's Panteras priced from low to high.

I'm not really wanting to sell the car, so I priced it at the high range of what it's worth. "Dangling the hook" if you will.

I'm getting my pilot's license soon, and plan on getting an airplane.

Due to my health conditions, I may not be able to pass medical, which would put me in the "light Sport" category, where there is no medical required, just a drivers license.
You are then limited to 2 place only plans, can't fly faster than 120 (not sure if it's knots or MPH), no retracts, and the plane has to stall at a certain slow speed, and a few other regulations.

In the Light Sport (LSA) category, there are some VERY sexy planes, that easily pass all the requiremnts for LSA, and then, if nobody's looking, and a different prop were possibly installed, the plane might accidentally go over 200 (which sounds like a LOT of fun!).

Here's one plane that is very alluring to me.

This one too, aerobatics is not out of the question.

One of those planes might involve my parting with my P-car, but this is all WAY down the road.

Now, if someone comes along and offers me the 73 I'm asking, I'd probably take it. Should have probably priced it higher.

Honestly if someone came today and offered me my asking price, I'm not sure if i'd part with it (right now) I've put so much work into it.

It was built well, and has HUGE power, it's so much fun!

I am just going to let the future happen. I've got flying lessons, lots of things going before I really seriously consider selling the car.

There's also other Panteras I have salivated over, things could go sideways instead of forward, time will tell.

I'll post more pics soon.