Reply to "white/black 72 Pre-L for sale. Too much t list, contact me for detail, video added"

You just described owning a Pantera!

I have this affliction of needing at least one big money wasting toy, and wasting money on it.

I'm SUPER good at it.

I'm not buying anything yet. Taking my first flying lesson on Friday.

I just know, whether I buy a hotrod plane, or a low and slow airplane, I'm only really going to be able to keep one big toy.
I'm also guilty of being impulsive, and anxious, hence my getting a little more aggressive in trying to sell my car.

Regarding my name, it's my racing nickname. I've had it since 1985, and when I'm rich and famous, they'll refer to me like they do Don "the Snake" Prudhome. Until then, it's just a user name, I mean, look at some of the other names people use even here. "snake" isn't that horrible.

Plus, anyone seriously considering my car I would think would be reading up everything online about it, and it's all attached to my "mikethesnake" name, so it should make it easier for people to research the car I would think. The info , and a simple call or email to me will answer any questions and show I'm serious, and that I'm not some joker, and anyone buying my car should research everything they can find out about it anyways.

Presently it's running perfectly, with stellar oil pressure, insane power, superb handling, and just PERFECT for any prospective shopper.

I want to sell my car with total transparency. The good, and the bad, everything. I think changing my call name now would look shady, like I'm trying to hide something. Plus, it's my racing nickname. I'm proud of it.

In the 1/4 scale radio controlled car world, my name was feared greatly, at least up here in Norcal. A couple years ago I was California Champion in 1/4 scale offroad, got 5th at the Nationals a couple years ago. I was nationally ranked 20th in the US in 05 in 1/8 scale Pro Truggy, I've earned my name.

Even if the car doesn't sell, or sell right away, it doesn't affect any of my immediate plans. Being stuck with a sick a$$ Pantera isn't that bad of a situation.

I will just have to let the future happen. That's all I can do.