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Reply to "WTB 1" or larger than stock Sway Bars"

Just a comment on installing sway bars.  I do note many comments  on the site that some find it easy - some find it difficult to reinstall this rear bar . I have ,in the past ,struggled manfully to align all of the rear sway bar mounting points, and experienced this process taking a frustratingly long time with a risk to damaging capitive bolts and nut threads.

I think I have found a solution that makes it very easy.

Mount the sway bar and mounts on both the a arms loosely with the sway bar roughly aligned horizontally with the rear mount location. Center the retainers and the bar and tighten the nuts on the A arms to about mid way.

Take a couple of large clamps and pull in the rear sway bar and mounts to the rear of the chassis between the mounting bolts as per the photo . Centralise the bar vertically and put on the rear mounting shells . Pull up the rear shell nuts , tighten the A arm bolts to fully tight .

Release the clamps. Done.


Images (2)
  • sway bar clamping 1: Clamps rear view
  • sway bar clamping 2: Inside clamp position