Has anyone replaced a 1/4 window.?

Hopefully it is not too difficult

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Easy to push out,

From the inside of the engine room I spray some WD40 between the rubber gasket and body , than begin to push on the top front corner and  turn the rubber gasket a little by hand or plastic tool and window came out .

complete whit rubber seal and bezel.

be aware you dont damage the rubber

The easiest is to take the central engine cover and  smal cover out of the car.


Good.  That's the easy one.  It essentially pushes out from the inside.  Only rubber is holding it into the metal ridge that is the frame of the car.  That being said, take your time and be careful when pushing it out.  Squirt both sides with spray lube or silicone and let it sit.  Then start pushing on the corners and you should start to see it budge.  Spray more lube and it should eventually push out as a unit.  The unit being the glass, rubber, and stainless frame come out to the outside of the car as a set.

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From inside in engine bay push outward.  It is awkward but can readily done with patience.

Is this for restoration or are you working on the fuel sender?

It goes back in from the outside.  It is easier to remove the glass than to get it back in.  But getting it back in is not too bad.  It involves a cord around the lip of the rubber and you pull the same unit (glass, rubber, and stainless) back into the car around the steel lip of the car frame.  This is best done with a helper.  Make sure everything is clean and use plenty of spray lube or spray silicon.

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