Theses are in great shape . They are the "long rib" version . 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 




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I got offered $4500 out of the blue for mine, on the car. They are the full gussets like Ron's set. I wasn't interested but all things considered, $5,000 isn't out of the question at all?

The staggered gussets, long/short, are much more common and considered "continuation" wheels by many.


Some thought that only a minimal production run of the full gussets were ever made? It's said that the original molds broke and were repaired by going to the long/short gussets? I probably heard that from Gary Hall along with the story that HE bought the molds and was having them recast by the Shelby Wheel Company.

They were never sold in the US when the cars were still being sold new but appeared in Europe in 72 for the GT4 race cars. They are not listed in the US Ford Pantera Service Parts book the dealers had.

I know Bob Grossman Motor Cars in Nyack, NY, would order some for you then but he wasn't a franchised Mercury/Lincoln/Pantera dealer. They were never cheap. Maybe $800 for a pair back in '75? I'm not sure if the full gussets were still available by that date though? '72 yes, but Euro only.


If you didn't know of Grossman, you needed a friend in Italy to buy them for you and ship them here. I actually got mine from a Porsche dealer in Austin, TX, who took a Pantera in on trade and wanted the wheels for his Maserati. Strange I know but this rare stuff, like the Weber manifolds, all seem to have bizarre stories that go with them? Colorful stories. That's what they are, "colorful". Like "Quint" in Jaws.


Grossman sold used Panteras and Cobras then also. I saw a couple of his Panteras on the lot and they both had the 10"s on them with Arriva's.

He was Maserati/Ferrari dealer. I'm not sure if Detomaso was limited from selling in the US by Ford at the time, but maybe?


Mine have no date codes on them. That started at a later date on later castings. The first batch has none.

One thing for sure, they do not come up for sale often.


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