I am looking for a set of 10 inch Campy's in good condition. Please email me or call 714-744-1398. Please email pictures and your pricing. Can also trade new or used Pantera parts. Thank you for your help. Dave


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Could you contact me at bob@dodgecarroll.com ?
I've presently got a great set of 8's (which you probably don't need) & 10's on my car but would like to upgrade to one of your 17" wheel & tire(V or Z rated) packages. Maybe we can work out a deal. Thanks!

Bob Radefeld
I'm going to be talking to PI early next week about a possible swap on my wheels. If we can't come to an agreement, would you still be interested in them? My e-mail is listed in the above post. Thanks.

A suitable swap has been made with PI - many Thanks! to Dave & Jerry @ PI, they're great folks to work with & were very fair with their offer! Hopefully, my Kitty will be wearing new shoes very soon. Also, many thanks go to Mark for his interest!

Bob #5042
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