I'm posting this for a friend who after many years of Pantera enjoyment finds it's time to move on.
Details on the car found on his website: http://www.modenagroup.com/
Contact Lew Bonitz at home@Yost-Bonitz.com only if you're serious. It's a really nice car and it's not going to be a steal.

He also has a large consignement of Pantera parts that he'd like to sell as a single lot.
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Thanks for posting the ads for me. Much appreciated!

I am asking $69,900 for the car. If this number seems unreasonable to you, please do not hesitate to make me an offer. I will not be offended, and may even take you up on it!

The last two cars to sell here in Phoenix that I know of went for $60K & $65K, and I think this car is nicer than either of them. I honestly never thought I would sell this car. I built it to keep, but my priorities have changed... Time for someone else to enjoy it! I would not hesitate to drive it across the country!!

Les Gray built the trans, set up the suspension, etc. Ask him how it runs! Also ask him how it stops...

I will update the web page as soon as I can.

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By the way...
If you are interested in custom guns, check out my company web page. www.Yost-Bonitz.com

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