Posted January 14, 2008 06:40 PM
OK guys, I am thinking of selling my Pantera, you all know the car,I have had the car for a long time and you know it runs awesome with the stroker,WEBERS,180's my question is what kind of value can I get. I am thinking 45K I may be wrong, but make me a offer...


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Sorry to hear your thinking about selling you car! Who ever buys it will be getting a nice car! So, what are you thinking of get now? Another Pantera, GT40, Yugo?
I know you have helped more then a few of us out over the years!
Good Luck

But it's white.. who would buy it?

But seriously, Dennis, sorry to hear you're thinking of selling. I hope it's because you have a fun new project (a GT40? Big Grin) and not something unfortunate. The car looks awesome, and I would agree that your price seems very low. I would start at $45K and see what happens. There are a lot of $40—$50K cars out these, but I doubt many are as nice as yours with all its upgrades.

Best of luck,
when you decide on an asking price for your vehicle, please remember that there are no more of these cars, the number available is fixed, and in fact is decreasing year by year by reason of accident or otherwise.

at any show gathering of cars there are many super cars, tons of vette's, muy grande porsche's, several ferrari's, and maybe a pantera. they are not as common as many of the posts in this forum would lead one to believe. scarcity deserves a premium price. i truly believe these vehicles are being underpriced by at least 20%. heck, they want what about 45k for an elise, ever try and sit in one?

these cars are worth more than we think they are. no reason to sell cheap, way too much tlc in these cars for that.


I have header envy big time! And while I'm at it, Webber envy, too!

Dennis, do you have more details of the work you did below the rocker panels. I like that look and would like to see more about it.

Price depends on how quickly you want to sell it. Johnny Holmes waited for the right person to come along and got his price in the $50s.

I agree with the people who said garage it awhile to make sure you really need to do this. %^))

Seriously, though, I hope you get a price you are comfortable with and find a new owner who will take good care of it.
I would like to learn more about your car. I bought a '72 Pantera about 6 months ago and have caught the "bug" to upgrade it, although if I could find one that has been upgraded, that would be better. Is your car set up for "track" or "autocross"? Please email details to me at, or leave a number where I can call you.

DENNIS, Please e-mail me if your car is still for sale. -- -- JD
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