Me too (except for my car is a ‘73)

I am looking for a recommendation on the buckle assembly that has a plastic holder to make it stand up.

Simon gets first dibs on real hardware, but I am looking for a suggestion as to a vehicle model and year that are compatible with the stock belts.

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The simplest way to add a plastic sleeve to make the buckle & short belt stand up is to find a crew-cab Ford pickup and remove the too-long sleeve. Then cut it to size and vinyl-paint it if necessary. These are a stock Gr-3 part no longer available AFAIK.

The Ford's button-head spline-drive seatbelt bolt also fits the Pantera and the domed head makes for a little more clearance with stock bolt covers so they aren't as apt to pop off.
The Klippan seat belt buckle/receivers from some(not all) early to mid -1970's VW Vans are a match to the Klippans in the Pantera AND they come in a plastic sleeve, making buckling in a 1 handed affair. Thumbs Up!

The belts are about an inch or two longer than stock as well and they work wonderfully.

So, for those who have cracked buckles or just wish to make buckling in much easier, here's your "plug and play" replacement and upgrade.

Originally posted by Simon:
Hello, I was in need for the part of the seat belts what are mounted on the floor between the seats and center console .
only those short parts


If you just need the normal length ones without a sleeve these Klippan belts from a VW Bug will fit. The buckles are identical to the Klippans in the Pantera.$40.00.JPG

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