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I can’t speak in specifics for Arizona or your insurance company, but in general swapping to the earlier bumpers is a non-issue for registration and insurance.

same for the charcoal canister. The age of our cars generally omit us from a multi point emissions check when registering; even here in California there was no emission inspection when I brought my car from Oregon in 2002.


Rich – if you get the Arizona historical vehicle plates, and Arizona “classic car insurance“ from a company like Haggerty or Grundy - you do not have to go through smog.

There is no inspection on the car, except in very rare cases to compare the VIN to the title.

Arizona historic plates are very cheap, and you can register the car for up to five years  at a time.


Larry - I used to have to take my ‘74 Land Cruiser in for smog.  This was in about 2007.

Once I figured out this Historical plate thing, I never looked back, so I can’t speak from experience.

I never had to pass a visual inspection, though.  It was always checking the gas cap seal, and then running the car on the “dyno” (idle and 30 mph tailpipe emissions check).

Rich, the bumpers can be a problem in some states. One owner of a beautiful Euro bumper GT5-S in Hawaii was denied registration until he fabricated full bumpers (front & back) from pipe! This in spite of the car being all stock, nearly 30 years old and having been registered for years in the same area! Apparently the so-called king of registration on the Big Island decided to exert his nickel's worth of authority and make a beautiful historic vehicle conform to his idea of a 'legal car'.

This of course screams for a lawsuit but not everyone has the dollars to throw at lawyers and courts. It was a decade ago and with the disbanding of the Hawaii POCA Chapter,  I never heard how or if it was resolved rationally.

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