Lowest milage, best documeted 1985 DeTomaso Pantera Please view the car at:http://www.panteracars.com/gps12.html
GT5S known in existance. The GT5S series of Panteras is seen as the
culminated of excellence the the DeTomaso product line. This car is one of
the 27 DeTomaso (not Amerisport, et al) cars imported into the United States.
Before the car was purchased, it was inspected for over two hours by the
official DeTomaso importer to validate complete authenticity.

This car was stored by a private collector for 19 years in an enviornmentally
controlled building. Sitting in the car is like going back to 1985 in a time
warp! The 4,000 mile car has over one inch of officialy DOT and supporting
documentation. Most original paperwork is included. The car drives like a
dream and is "exercised" lightly each month.

The price of this very,very special and rare car is $65,000 obo. The car did
not come with a rear wing. If the purchaser wishes one, it will be provided
at the time of delivery.
e-mail: gps@aol.com

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