Amerisport 1988 gt5s original 9000 miles-100% original paint absolutely perfect! Original leather w/factory racing seats-too many factory(original)options to list. Motor changed to all alum.Fontana race engine(650 H.P.). trans. polished-Too much to list. Car is beetter then new. 908-295-9088. If you have to have the best Pantera in the USA this is the one.
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This is odd. When this car first surfaced 3 years ago, I attempted contacting the seller from this site. Nothing.

Posted publicly and PM'd. Nothing. Then it faded away.

Now, same thing here. A post, then response, then nothing. Then another bit of bait. Then nothing.

Maximus, you can do this however you feel, but maybe you could shed some light on a) the car or b) how to actually make contact with you.
I don't get it. A few weeks ago I contacted the exotic car dealership who was selling this GT5-S. When I inquired about it, they said the car was still available but that a serious buyer was flying in to take a look at the car within a couple of days. I called a week later (which was just a couple of weeks ago or so) and they said the car was sold. So how can the car be available again when someone just bought it?

Something doesn't seem right here.


How goes the search? Have you found any other serious contenders yet? Remember, if you find something reasonably close to me, I'll check it out for you.


Still Pantera-less. But keeping my eyes open on any GT5-S that comes on the market. #9376 is my top prospect and still the car I hope to buy. But that car has an engine that is a piece of junk and is being scrapped. It's going to take a little time for the car to be sorted out with a new engine. And even when that happens, I don't know with 100% certainty that the car will be available.

In the meantime, thanks for your offer to check out any prospective cars that are in your general vicinity.

Re: '88 GT5-S -I sent an e-mail yesterday to a fellow named Robert Rhoads who was the last person to list the '88 GT5-S for sale with the Fontana engine. Mr. Rhoads sent me a reply this morning and re-confirmed with me that this car sold a couple of weeks ago.

Don't know who "Maximus" is and why he thinks this car is available?

car is for sale! Yes I bought this car from Mike Haber(Pofessional Auto sales) Had it since Nov.-I never have time to use it! There has been two prior owners and they were best of friends-I have been to many pantera shows and there is none to compare with this. !00% original paint that is absolutely as new. all original paperwork,window sticker etc.. Motor is a all alum. Fontana race engine that has been dynoed at 635 hp.Mike had a similar one for sale but that one was blue and was also owned at one time by the same owner as mine-I sat in that one and it was not even close in condition as this gt5s. I spoke with prior owner and he still has orig. motor. There was no expense spared when they installed the Fontana motor- all billet,everything polished, a/c updated,suspension powercoated,interior all original and leather is like new. everything on the car works perfect-tires are all new-I can go on and on but truly this is a original 10,000 mile gt5s that has been babied its whole life- my phone # is 908-295-9088 my email is thanks for your interest
Robert Rhoades sold the car to Mike Haber back in Nov.NOT a couple weeks ago! he also has an interest in buying it back. Robert is a great guy and has a great car collection but likes to change it up-Me too!
Maximus, if you own a Fontana/Pantera, or have a friend that does, be aware that since I bought my ex-sprintcar block around Christmas (I was a VERY good boy in '09!), I've started a small specialized newsletter for Fontana owners. Most of the tips and tweeks are not applicable to either a 351-C or a 351-W, so I figured the subject would be boring to most.
Currently I have 15 owners in 3 countries on an irregular e-mail list, so send me an e-mail at to get on. No charge, no log-in, just info & photos.
Bosswrench, I have two cars with Fontana's, please include me in your newsletter at if you don't mind. Thanks!
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