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'88 Pantera GT5-S for sale. Approximately 11,000 original miles. All aluminum 418 cubic inch 570 hp Fontana motor with Holley HP fuel injection. Sounds great.  Meticulous ground up restoration that cost more than 150k by Malin Motors. Pretty much every and any part you can think of has been replaced and upgraded. Many photos available of the restoration process. Registered in California. I have California Historic Vehicle plates currently on the car. Asking 275k or best offer. Willing to listen to all reasonable offers. PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Davidreducedbackanglereducedbackreducedenginereducedfrontreducedfrontanglereducedinterior


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Beautiful car! Love to see the real 5S cars with updated engine & engine bay, etc. Will be interesting to see how a real 5S with modifications fetches price. May not make it that well in CA with the ridiculous smog rules here.  I have a red 73 built with real 5S fenders and similar 417 Fontana with race cam. I wonder if we had the same builder (Russ Fulp Race Engines)? 

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Does200, yes my GT5-S is slightly modified because it doesn't have the original 351C engine, nor does it have the original wheels. The 351C engine is a very common inexpensive motor. As you know the Fontana engine or Clevor motor is much lighter and a merging of the best parts of the Cleveland and Windsor motor. I think in most peoples eyes the Fontana engine is a nice upgrade over the original motor while still having the period look from the '80's.

When I bought this car it already had the Fontana engine so I don't know who built the motor. Although this motor did have a racing cam with solid lifters. Malin Motors swapped that out with a mild cam with hydraulic lifters to make the car more streetable.

The original 15" wheels and tires are useful if you want the car to be a museum piece on display but not very practical otherwise. The 18" wheels are much more practical in this day and age. Of course the purest can still get the original wheels for this car from Marvic Wheels in Italy. 

As for the ridiculous smog rules in California, I haven't had any issues. My car has California registration and I drive my car no problem.

Rocky, yes indeed, my car was on the front cover and written up in the recent POCA Profiles. In that magazine it showed some photos of the ground up restoration process of my car #9465 performed by Malin Motors. This was quite a big project and a labor of love to turn the car into what it is today. James at Malin Motors is quietly one of the most knowledgeable and experienced talents restoring GT5-S' in the USA. 

The factory hood vents do look very nice, and they are functional too. If I have the car in idle and I get out of the car and put my hand over the vents, I can feel hot air venting out.


Hi Tajon, I have my heart set on a 2019 Porsche GT3 RS. I have a friend who works for Porsche as a professional race car driving instructor. I want to take racing lessons and track the car. Of course the GT5-S is more rare and unique, more beautiful, an exotic collectors car and a much better investment than the Porsche. But the Porsche has 30 yr newer technology, its a turn key naturally aspirated 520 hp race car suitable for daily driving. If I had the funds and the room I would want to have both. 

Adoberetreat interesting idea. I am in a similar scenario where I want to start htting the track as well. My approach is somewhat different than yours tho. My plan is to get an inexpensive car to begin with in the event that something goes terribly wrong I can easily replace the car and not worry too much about it. I know you didnt ask for my opinion but since we are on the internet and all this info is out there 😂😂........why not get an older 911 and set it up as a track car. I bet u could do that for $30k ( and keep that masterpiece of a GT5s and have the best if both worlds.  From my limited time on a track I think you will have just as much fun if not more with the less expensive car and have the piece of mind that u may not wreck a 200k car. 

With all that being said, I wish i had the money to buy your Pantera. Lol

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This thread is taking a twist away from the for sale ad, but I guess it keeps it at the top and visible, plus maybe we can just convince Alex not to sell!

From someone who has bee down the road of race cars here's my take;

I started with a semi-street car (Ultima CanAm) and soon found when you push hard stuff breaks, so you get a trailer to not be stranded at the track. Then you tell yourself now I have the trailer I can modify the car to be more track/race ready.. it's a slippery slope and before you know it you have a race only car, that is no fun on street! A few iterations and ~$45K later my race car is an open wheel Formula car and it is literally the most fun you can have with your clothes on! Prototype and formula cars with outstanding performance can be had for a fraction of the Porsche GT3 RS entry price, the only disadvantage of an open wheel car is restricted open track day events, but P1 cars are faster now anyway.

I keep toying with the idea of selling the GT5 or GT40 and getting a modern sports car, but I just know in my heart I'd be bitterly disappointed after the initial rush of having a new car wore off.

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