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Came across this never installed “cooling fix kit” sold by Dennis - pantera performance - back in 1994.
Process called for removing the stock brass plate, installing the kit’s modified no-hole solid plate and switching to a Windsor style thermostat.  
When purchased 2511 had this kit installed along with the Weiand water pump that omits the bypass passage.
Despite those modifications, now seen as questionable, I never had any notable cooling issues.  

Replacement stroker Cleveland returned to the OEM thermostat system, Edelbrock water pump.
Penny for your thoughts. 😉
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Mark Johnson at IPSCO is a one-man operation. He is easy to contact and will work with you on custom projects. He is the machinist who has created most/all of the custom aftermarket parts sold by Dennis Quella  

Mark was the first to have the overdrive water pump pulley, which another vendor initially sold but that vendor then decided to have his own pulleys manufactured by some other outfit. 🙁



I am also confused.

I have not known Ipsco to manufacture a OEM replacement thermostat restriction  plate. The only offering from IPSCO is the total block off plate you found.

if Sharky is using the total block off plate I think now is the time for him to step in and explain why he is deviating from the OEM cooling system design. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Tim Meyer is the current and reliable supplier of his OEM-design restrictor plates and the correct high flow Cleveland thermostat




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…..We buy the correct RobertShaw restrictor w/thermostat sold as an assembly to use….…….…..

……Now we're using the Ipsco plate……

So confused.

your first response indicated you were using the total block off plate, and then you posted you were using the Robert Shaw OEM plate and thermostat

do you buy the restrictor with thermostat from IPSCO, because I don’t see it on his website?

if not, is your source some one other than Tim Meyer??

inquiring minds want to know😉


My 1974 Pantera came with the no hole plate along with a Windsor thermostat.  It was the first Pantera for me with this setup.  I left it in place and all is well.  The car runs cool.  The downside to this setup is the engine is supposed to take longer to warm up.  Strangely, I have not found that to be the case.  The car warms up just like other Panteras.  I'm in southern California and maybe it is different in a colder climate.

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