No. 2601 has undergone extensive restoration but is not complete yet. It is currently a rolling chassis with the steering, windshield, windows, window motors, headlight motor, suspension and brakes, wiring harness, and heater/cooling core still installed. The rest of the car has already been disassembled, pending final restoration. The car is complete except for a handful of minor parts. There are also many new parts and Hall accessories. It has 44,000 documented miles and still has the original Arrivas in front!

There is rust in various areas, but structurally, the undercarriage, bulk head and engine bay have already been restored. The rocker panels are new.

There was a small engine fire years ago, which stripped some paint off the roof and rear deck and shattered the rear glass. The engine is original and has recently been completely restored with thousands of dollars worth of new upgrades; TRW rings, Compcam 519 lift cam, Holley fuel and oil pumps, MSD distributor, Magnaflux heads and rods, water pump, intake and headers among others. It looks great!

The interior upholstery is in great shape, just a small tear on one of the seats. The fire did not cause any damage to the interior.

Other items worth noting: Hall Big Bore exhaust, 750 CFM Holley carburetor, all gauges.

Also, a number of other components have also been restored:
• Gas tank
• Engine cover side wings
• Half shafts

A ton of new parts, among them:
• Clutch and slave cylinder
• Coolant water pipes
• Flywheel
• Rear glass
• Headers
• Engine mounts
• Ignition coil
• Rear condensing unit grille
• Many other small parts and accessories

I will have more pics soon.

I am located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It will be listed on eBay in a few weeks but wanted to give you guys a first look. I am asking $18,000. Feel free to email, PM or call me.



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Looks like we are going away for vacation Friday and I will not get a chance to post pics till we get back. It'll be a couple of weeks.

A little background on the car: It was owned by a gentleman here in Indiana since 1985 or so. He drove it until the engine fire. Then it sat parked for a few years untill the last owner expressed an interest in the car. He purchased it six years ago, then dissassembled it and started the restoration work. He spent over $10,000 in body and engine restoration and new parts. Unfortunately he ran out of money, out of time, and his wife ran out of patience.

I met him through a friend of a co-worker. We came to an agreement and I took the car off his hands and his wife off his back. Smiler
Originally posted by duz185:

We came to an agreement and I took the car off his hands and his wife off his back. Smiler

This story just got a whole lot more interesting !!
Good luck with the sale, it is a good buy for someone who wants to individualise their own car.
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