Has anyone seen or know any details about the yellow 71 on Ebay? (Ad says it's in Bradenton, Fl.) I sold my last Pantera 13 years ago and am considering another now. I like the interior customization of this one, but wonder if anyone has experience with the replacement electrical system, gauges, and other non-stock items on the car.

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Pretty cool how he deleted the "gills", isn't it? Not stock, but way cool!

Wish I had a close look. Love the way it smooths out that portion of the car! Now if only I could find room in my garage for two Panteras!
The yellow Pantera on ebay just hit its super low reserve at $32500.00!!! I figured the guy selling this would have a reserve of at least 40K. By the description of the car and all the nice work the owner must have 50K+ into this car. If you have the cash you might want to think hard about buying this car. My two cents...
Yes! The silver GT-5 looks very nice. I do like the cleaned up look where the "gills" were, less drag. Did anyone notice that the "Nose Vents", as well as (looking) NON-functional, they were installed BACKWARDS!! On purpose or by accident? Regards, Marlin.

The gill removal is interesting, but I doubt if any drag reduction is realized. The short profile scoops some install in place of the 1/4 windows have been shown to fail to grab any real air unless they are 6" to 8" out from the body, which tells me there isn't much air flowing close enough to the body to cause a gill-drag situation. As for the hood, it appears to be the same as a unit I have seen which is made of fiberglass and yes, it is just a depression, not a grill for air movement.

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