Mike Mayberry had asked "send me a customer," but I can only be the messenger here...

He has the 1972 Pre L # 3634 FOR SALE on this forum > Cars for Sale > and 2 others he mentioned to me.


1974 White "Bone Stock" Never had a radio installed or any add ons. 18,000 miles.

1972 Pre L White Hall 17" Campy clones, polished trans, real nice car. $ 37,900

Mike Mayberry
Mayberry Lincoln Mercury
4437 Lankershim Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA 91602

In my opinion a perspective buyer could go look at 3 cars at once. What an opportunity to see 3 up close with a guy that has had more than a few.

My Pantera; # 3463, was treated to a Mike Mayberry cosmetic and mechanical restoration, then sold by Mike in Summer 2003. I have since taken it to the next level but am thankful to have had Mike's touch 1st.



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New to forum.

I would like to thank Boxxboys for pointing me in the direction of the 1972 White Pre L with polished trans. I looked at it this weekend and fell in love with it.

Couldnt help myself I had to have it. I will be looking for lots of help as I am a new Pantera owner and will look forward to chatting with everyone.

Great going and congratulations! BoxBoys gets a 30% cut, so I KNOW he's happy too! (Kidding.)

Photos are definitely required.

This board helped me tremendously when I first got my car. (Still does). Enjoy that car, and thanks for stimulating the economy, especially the Pantera business.
Dave (boxxboys),

I love your car! I looked at it when I was searching for mine in early '03. I made an offer, but we didn't come to terms (I'm sure it saved me a lot of grief with the wife since it was outside my budget). Glad to see it went to a good home!

Congratulations on your purchase. If you are up in the West San Fernando Valley or plan to attend our "Super Car Sunday" just holler. Post some pics of your car!

Adams, if only I could make $$$ on everything I touch...

Garth, # 3463 is quite a departure from what it was in Summer 2003! Thanks for the compliment.


Just call Mike and ask! Easy 'nuf. All his contact info is at the top. Tell him you are responding to this forum post.

Dave # 3463
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