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I am posting this for a fellow Deauville owner so here goes.

He is looking for a 3 ribbed crankshaft pulley for a Deauville, not the usuall 2 ribbed like the one used in a Pantera. It is a 4 bolt type with an OD of 5,5 inch and a depth of about 2 inch. It is possibly a WIndsor type since they did use those in the later series but I'm not 100% sure.

The billet ones that I have seen for sale seem to be too deep or have unequall spacing between the grooves, which is what this one does not have.

Any leads or info are much appreciated.


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OK, scratch that part number lookup......was thinking Pantera.    If you can give me an engine tag number, from the aluminum tag that was placed somewhere on the intake manifold, I may be able to walk backwards from the engine number on the tag, to the appropriate pulley number in the Ford Master Parts Catalog, of which I have a 1975 copy of the 65-72 parts as well as 73-79 or so version.

Let me know!

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