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Build Details:

This is a 4/72 build date, Pre-L USA model.


This car was bought in 1974 by the current owner, and still carries the Gold & Blue California license plates. His interest was being competitive in Auto-X, and together with noted Pantera expert Jack DeRyke reach that goal, enjoying success for many years. This effort necessitated a number of performance upgrades. The car has traveled only 43,700 miles since new.

The car was not driven much in the last 10 years or so. To make the car ready for sale a long list of minor details were addressed within the past year.

Suspension & Brakes:

For the suspension, a complete Group 4 package, was obtained from the DeTomaso Factory. This included uprights, A-arms, springs, shocks, sway bars, and even the spindles. The brakes with vented rotors and calipers were part of the Group 4 / GT4 upgrade. The original clutch and brake master style units have been retained. Once installed this suspension was further refined based upon years of experience, and the car now benefits from custom sway bars. The body received GTS flares to make additional room for the Gotti wheels and wider Dunlop GT Qualifier tires.


The Ford blue paint job has worn well over the years, and the body only received it's first dent at the hands of the shop (Mustang Ranch - Santa Clara) that recently finished nearly $20,000 in documented work to make the car fresh again. There is age checking in the paint on the roof as expected for it's age.

The early Revson "Scoop" front spoiler has received the typical scrapes and could use some repainting. The rear deck has received the "Sugar Scoop" spoiler, and a low rear wing.

Additional rear louvers were added in the rear valiance panel to aid cooling.


The interior begins with the standard Pre-L two pod dash. The racing belts hold one firm in the deep Scheel seats and keep the driver and passenger in place. A 3-point roll bar provides protection. An arm rest addition tops the standard console for added comfort.


The engine has been fully modified, and has less than 1,000 miles. A SCAT crank turns in the non-stock block, pumping Carello rods topped with performance pistons. An Accusump services as a Pre-start oiler to provide additional protection. The aluminum heads contain roller rockers and provide good flow in from a well-tuned Holley, and great flow out to the 180 exhaust headers (with a custom cross-over pipe) capped by a short stack of supper trapps to tame the sound ever-so-slightly. An oil cooler is nestled just forward of the right rear wheel.


The front spoiler feeds cool air thru a Hall radiator, enhanced by dual Flex-a-lite sucker fans and shroud, with coolant sent back to the engine via stainless steel pipes and tanks.


The car starts easily, and runs well, without any smoke, or drips. The polished ZF shifts smoothly. A fire suppression system was fitted for additional safety. This is not a show car as this car has been driven and enjoyed. The suspension is well sorted out, and the engine provides an abundance of power with that unmistakable sound. This car has been enjoyed for more than 30 years by the same owner, but now it is time to pass the torch to one qualified to handle such a machine. The car has received recent significant work to be ready for the new owner, this documentation is available.

Contact Information: Richard 408-440-2267 (Santa Clara California)
E-Mail lparisie@gmail.com
Price: $45,000

Find my typo and earn my thanks!

I'm hoping the owner will remember more of the details of the engine build. He has LOTS of paperwork, but some of it has already been shipped to his new address.



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