I am sure enjoying all the builds going on here. I learn a lot following them all. I and others may not always reply, but we love seeing the projects progress. Keep the stories and pics coming. Often there are long delays and I go back to page 1 and see how it all happened - again!

Life gets in the way of building these projects.

I should know having just passed to 5 year mark.

Getting from this



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David -

I think you have made a great design choice in your decision to thin out the fender flares.  I am looking forward to seeing the car in it's finished form. 

It is funny to me, but... Mikael had the saying "I'm on a train that never stops, so I'll never finish paying for my ride...." - I think it's pretty apt in your situation!

 Keep up the great work, and keep posting up the pictures!

 Rocky (a.k.a. Chuck)

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