Thought I would update the album of tear down, bead blasting, fabrication & repair, paint to reassembly.
Finally completed this week and posting photos of the process.


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I appreciate the time you've invested to share these pictures with us, and I appreciate it when another De Tomaso is restored! Its looking great so far, the final result will be beautiful, good luck with the project.

Very nice looking work. I'm sure the car will be stunning once completed. Keep up the great work!
Hey Jag13cat,
Nice looking work! How long have you working the project. Seems we are at similar stages in parallel projects... ;-)

I'm restoring # 2012, I bought it disasemble. If you ever remove the fuel tank, I would like to know the location of any foam or rubbers who goes between the tank and the car frame or body. Would be very please if you got these infos or pics....

Continu your good work, I compare myself restoring my pantera, as a painter who restore painting like the madona of Leonardo da Vinci. We restoring piece of art....


I am finally able to post some pictures and bring the progress up to date. With the vehicle brought home in late December, I was relegated to cleaning and working on parts in my "cubby hole" workshop until the weather became a little nicer. Fortunately, I have access to my basement work area from the garage and was able to get parts ready for assembly.
Finally completed #3639.
State inspected on Wednesday, licensed on Thursday, took to Cruise-in on Friday with approx. 100 vehicles ranging from street rods to latest Corvettes.
While I assumed (never ass/u/me) that those attending a cruise-in or enthusiasts know about Panteras, obviously not many were sold in Kansas City to heighten one's awareness.
I am second owner, having owned the Pantera since 1981, and decided it was time to break out the boxes from storage and restore.
I was "hoarse" from explaining it was not a kit car, that the prancing horse was not removed from the hood and the Lotus image was purposedly left off.
Finally got tired of all the questions and went into the restaurant to eat, where some followed.
I came to the realization that most attendees were probably not yet born or very young when the Pantera was introduced.


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Your car looks stunning! Congratulation on "Best of Cruise" and get use to the uninformed at car show and cruise ins. You will hear so funny stuff. Nice car!
Congrats Doug! That's awesome! Now you need to make up a nice sign to display with the car at shows and save your voice.

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