Just starting to apply color, Silver and Black GTS style paint.
Shot the jams, inside of doors, tail light panel, and inside of nose with silver
Will apply "Pantera" script to doors and quarters forward of the wheel. then shoot the black and peal the script off.
Going to do the overall body in a booth, little cleaner than my garage.


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Original Post
The silver is like the new ford Ingot silver but a half a shade darker with more metal flake, the black will be gloss as the car is base coat, clear coat.
It is coming along very well, nice and straight.
Did a bit of re-wiring on the cooling fans, changing the head lights back to original and going with 2010 Camaro mirrors. Removed the rear spoiler and welded in the holes. Overall it is a nice car, well cared for.
Progress is slow due to the up coming holiday season. Dark when I go to work, very dark when I get home.
Did get the lower half painted silver, installed the "Pantera" graphics, painted black, removed graphics and clear coated.
Got the jams and under side of hood and deck lid painted.
Next step is off to the spray booth.
I think my neighbor will be completely lost now that he will not be able to call Code Enforcement, Lee County Pollution control and the EPA about my painting.


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Actually, good reminder about the neighbors. I need to send a gift to mine. Two years of metal grinding, welding, sanding, airtools, sandblasting, chemicals in the air from spraying 6 coats of primer, base and clear and the terrific sound system blaring from the garage. I sure they liked my taste in music. We all believe that - right?

They should have called the cops, but didn't. I'm the neighbor from hell. They would be enjoying their pool while I am spraying rust defender that the wind always wafted into their backyard. Well at least I was wearing a mask.

I need to go shopping.

Back to the program. I'm glad you went with the GTS profile. Far more interesting and it is looking great.
Question: I have a silver pantera that I was thinking of painting like a GTS. I see a few different types of Pantera graphics on GTS cars. What was the original style of graphics, and is it still available somewhere?
I think this is the correct graphic.
Should be available at Hall Pantera or Wilkensons.
That did not come out too good


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Fresh out of the paint booth.
Painting in a booth is a world apart from painting in my dusty garage. Paint dries much faster, no time for beer breaks between coats.


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Yes, a "Quick Wet sand" is a bit of a mis-nomer and somewhat elusive.
Took it to a show today, first one with the new paint.
Will be for sale at end of Feb.


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Looks great!
Code enforcement walked up my driveway and undid the car cover from my Mustang GT to see if it was registered ( it was but I had the Pantera apart in the center of my garage so the stang had to sit outdoors) and did not restrap the cover down, the cover beat my cars black paint to death until I showed up home a week later and fixed it. The car is still scratched up with no recourse unless I want trouble. Amazing that they did that, yet I see other peoples houses and yards that could use a ticket. Mine is kept clean and I have a landscaper.I really have no use for them. Sorry about the rant but here in Florida, code enforcement is IMHO who you know.
Thanks George,
I have to say I am pretty happy with the paint and body,and especially the color. Seriously considering doing my personal pantera in this color scheme.

Hi Joe,
I got to know our code enforcement officer rather well this past year. The officer for our area is good guy and fair minded. My neighbors on either side of me are both car guys, one builds race cars the other a high end collector. My neighbor across the street is a real jerk.
I will be the first to admit that I have a few more cars than I should stored at my house. I keep them covered with car covers. Most are in the back yard with a large awning type cover that I built out of EMT (electrical conduit). The guy was calling code enforcement nearly every week on me, the officer had to respond. I just gave him my cell number, its easier. I built a fence so no un-registered cars can be seen and honestly I have one on the best looking houses on the street.
Finally I went over and talked to the guy across the street. I told him point blank, one more complaint and I will make it my mission to buy and register every rusted piece of crap I can get my hand on and park them in my front yard.
Then I would paint my house Pink and he can look at that all day long and not a dam thing he can do about it. I did agree not to paint anymore cars in my garage (painted 4 cars in my garage in the past 2 years, so not a big deal). 4008 was the first car I ever painted in a booth. Paint flowed much better, kind of liked not having to wet sand and buff for a week to get the dust out. I am still working on my cars in the garage, metal work, mechanical, prime and prep, just have to rent a booth to paint.
I am in negotiations to buy a 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse with a paint booth already installed. I will have to rent out most of the space to cover the note, but will have my own booth, maybe rent it out when I am not using it.

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