Just thought I would update the team on the progress of 4072. Pictures courtesy of J R Restorations who is doing the sand, prime and paint. Should be ready to prime in another week. Meanwhile, the heads are out being cleaned with new springs put in. The motor will start being put back together Sunday..........


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Factory rims glass blasted and protected with new rubber ordered- 195 15s in the front and 245 in the back. BF Goodrich.

351 sitting on a motor stand in my garage awaiting for a Sunday greeting with me and friends to initiate the rebuilding.......keep the faith! can't wait.
Is that the factory balancer? If so, since you have gone this far now is a good time to replace it.
Factory balancers are notoriously prone to failure after all these years. The ring will slip giving false timing indication among other things.
Correct. Most people don't realize that all factory harmonic balancers (except OEM Boss parts) were only pressed together. The 8-12 lbs of parts are not bonded together at all; not sure about modern replacements but they also seem to slip. The slippage always seems to be toward the retard side of the timing marks, too.
The black looks good. Although, I doubt any other modification to my Panteras get a bigger "Wow" than when I open my decklid and the engine is displayed in body color panels. It is just so unexpected. The affect is greater on women who seem to anticipate a typical engine bay and are treated to a vibrant setting displaying the jewels. Just Sayin'.

Mike's offering a conservative approach on an over top ride. Certainly easier to care for.

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