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Hi All,

In process of getting 4879 red 73 Pantera transported to Australia, I see some history on PROVAMO which is great. Buying the car from BHCC is interseting but its not my first time. Would love see some history or talk to previous Owners if possible. The car had some work done at Halls in early 2000's. Once arrived in Australia she will get a clean up and RHD conversion. Will update this page as I go.


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Some history from ProvaMo. 4879 was built 1/1973 ,originally yellow. Someone painted the engine red at some point, I guess when it was restored in the late 90s.

Current owner (Not sure who that was) purchased Pantera in early 80’s while living in San Diego,
Ca. Car was taken down to frame in mid 80’s to be restored. The Ford 351
Cleveland Engine was blue printed and balanced, transmission rebuilt,
new clutch, and red custom paint were some of major work done. Car was
assembled, but not finished until 1997 when Hall Pantera did final
assembly of electrical and completed work needed to put back on road. A
new radiator and hoses, as well as stainless steel cooling pipes were
added to help with overheating. In 1999 the seats and headliner were
reupholstered. Most recently new tires, new four barrel carburetor and
battery disconnect switch were installed. Car has been driven for
pleasure, but mostly garaged. It probably hasn’t been driven 20,000
miles since put on road in 1997.


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