Photojournal of the 22nd Pantera made, the 6th or 7th earliest left on the planet. As you see, we've devoted much attention to her these last few years.


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Wow. Pictures show a ton of metal work.

And what appears to be a very nice finished product.

Thanks for saving her from oblivion.

Originally posted by Husker:
Very nice. The interior color works really well with yellow. Can you provide specifics for the engine?

Thanks for all your kind comments--it's been a labor of love from which I have learned much and never planned to sell.

It's bored .030, stock crank turned .010/.010. Keith Black hypereutectic pistons, flat top. Stock con rods. Good hardened pushrods. ARP bolts. MPG windage tray, mini restrictors as they recommended just in several bottom journals, for using their oil bypass kit. Heads are Aussie 2V quench, rebuilt with 3-angle valve job, exhaust seats, but no porting done. Cam is maybe Crane, 280 deg/.530" probably advertised numbers, hydraulic flat-tappet. I have the card somewhere but not handy. CR is 10.7 or maybe a bit more as I recall. Romac billet balancer, good double-row timing chain, roller rockers, new valves/springs etc, PPC's "blueprinted" oil pump, stock flywheel turned & all rotating mass balanced. Stock oil pan but with MPG windage tray seems to be fine. Aluminum water pump, maybe Milodon. Heavy-duty oil pump driveshaft. Intake is Weiand 2V Xcelerator, with bungs for the probably 30# Ford Motorsports injectors. Rails, power elbow & braided fuel lines by Force/Probe, Accufab regulator, 85mm throttle body for the air intake as I recall. It runs great, is very torquey for street--we had planned to dyno but some plans changed. We believe it to be around 400 bhp, which should be approximately correct mathematically regardless. If anyone wants more specifics than that I'll have to research it further. I'm not the brains behind this project and while I did help assemble the engine and put much of the car back together, I'm far from expert. We made these decisions based on discussion with cam mfrs, local Ford builders, much time I spent on the DeTomaso forums over time, I even ran some decisions by Dan Jones (thanks Dan!!), etc.

As I note in the For Sale page, I'm also willing to include the standard bore original 351C with 4V quench heads, that still ran well last time was in car.
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