Original, Stock 71-74 Front Trunk Hood. Hard to find and harder to find in this condition. Never hit, straight as an arrow. Black. PM for more pics if interested


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First, thanks for checking it out. Here's the situation, I have no idea what it's worth? My father past away and my brother and I were cleaning out the old gearhead's garage and found the hood and an engine compartment cover/hood (will have that next week when I go back, couldn't fit both in my car). He had a 72 back in the 80's. I put the hood on craigslist locally for $2500 on the advice of a car restoration guy I know but have no idea if that's realistic that's why I posted it here. Let me know...
Where are you in California?...Would help to determine "local pick-up" or "shipping Cost/s"...Mark
price is good. I have seen the big Pantera vendors listing them for double what you are asking, you can always come down. I have a rear lid for 4500.00 ( perfect condition).
Originally posted by Aspico:
Original, Stock 71-74 Front Trunk Hood. Hard to find and harder to find in this condition. Never hit, straight as an arrow. Black. PM for more pics if interested
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I think your price is a bit too high. I don't need a hood, and I hope yours sells for your asking price as it will benefit the owners market. But I think it's too high. Put it on eaby w/a reserve and see what the market says... Good Luck w/it...
One thing to know about hoods is that the earlier cars had a slightly different bend than the later ones because (I assume) the shape of the fenders is slightly different. When did they change? I don't know but #1549 has the early shape.

I found this out when I discovered that the nose of my original hood was pretty much rusted out. I decided to replace it with one of Wilkinson's carbon fiber hoods. When I installed it it was clear that it didn't fit properly: there was a "bulge" that peaked at about 3/16" of an inch above the line of the fenders about 12 to 18" back from the nose. Steve took it back (he thought maybe it was warped) and I bought a new "factory" hood. That didn't fit either by pretty much the same amount. I thought maybe it's just that my car is different and kept it. One reason ZONKEY's hood is black is that it doesn't show as much. I figured it could be dealt with later. Wilkinson's factory hood was about $2500 in 2003 (Steve gave me a good deal on it, list was much higher)

Then I found out that it wasn't my car. Ken Green got hold of a hood from an earlier car and it didn't fit his car. I thought maybe it would fit mine and drove over to his house, put it on, and it fit perfectly. I have both hoods and could measure the difference if anyone is interested. Maybe Ken will chime in with what model his car is. Ken's hood is on my car now and is painted yellow.
The hood I sold to Richard was from my car, # 2324, which I sold to Richard because it was original and I am planning a large vent for the radiator, and didn't want to cut up a good hood.

My guess is that cars with a flat rear deck (which 2324 is) are the early bodies.

#2324 must be one of the few '72 serial numbered cars that received the flat deck lid (assuming a PO didn't change it).

But, if it fit Richard's car, that's all that matters here. Smiler

#2492 (Mine) is also a factory flat deck lid car, just for the record keepers out there.

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