Hi Seller mentions that the A/C is not on the vehicle but he has all the parts, needs an upgrade though.

Rust is not an issue,there are three small paint bubbles about a quarter inch in dia.

The ignition is all new MSD.

Sounds like a pretty good car, just need to figure out how to get it to the republic of Califonia
The thought of sending money anywhere especially out of the country makes me a little paranoid. I'm sure that the seller is legit and will honor the sale but what if it got held up in Custom or there was a large fee or tax for bringing in?
This is Mark, the Californian living abroad. At this price it looks like you're sure to get some money for that renovation on your house you told me about. Beautiful Machine. Lots of nice aesthetic choices from what I can tell from the (dinky) photos. It's hard to know if the ebay reference to lots of metal work is a positive or a negative. Lots of rust cancer cut out, or was it Beverly Hills elective surgery? Some details to seal the deal for buyer like me would be:

Can you post a few photos of the undercarriage and the dropped seat modification?

How long ago was the car rotisseried? Why and where are the bubbles coming up now?

How long ago was the motor done (miles/time) and who did it? Was it dynoed?

Good luck!
I'm not familiar with Canada to US importation, but I suspect it should not be as big a deal as going the other way. Anything over 25 years old is eligible, without restrictions from what I understand. Also, there's a high probability this is a re-importation i.e. a US car that went to Canada so if you can substantiate that it should be much easier to bring back 'home'.

If you are seriously considering the car, then I would;

a) Call a US customs border agent at the crossing point you expect to use and get some questions answered as to what is required. Take notes and names of who you speak to so you have reference when you actually arrive.

b) There are customs agents who contract to do all the work for you...for a fee. Call one and get some of idea of cost and what you need to provide in terms of paperwork etc.

c) I'm sure numbers of classic cars come back in to the US annually (although there has been a mass exodus to Canada of recent years with the US$ to CAD$ exchange rate). In terems fo panetra's Daniel #9191 brought in his GT5 I believe, so it may be worth dropping him a PM, to find out how he did it.

Good luck,
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