Just got my October issue of GRM and found an ad for a '72 Pantera in Conway, Arkansas. I see he has a couple of racecars listed, too, so it may be a shop or dealer. Anyone interested?


1972 PANTERA. Yellow/black, with wood-rimmed steering wheel. Stock with addition of GTS kit. 351 Cleveland runs strong. Excellent to very good condition throughout. Campagnollos. POCA repair manuals included. $32,000 obo. Details available from jandsdale@conwaycorp.net or (501) 514-5510. (AR) 10-05

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Could i get some photos of you car?
Regards Dennis
That is not my car that is for sale. I saw the ad in my new issue of Grassroots Motorsports magazine.

There is a small picture in the magazine - enough to tell that the car is yellow. E-mail owner for pictures? jandsdale@conwaycorp.net
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