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I am posting this for a fellow Pantera owner here in Michigan. I have seen the car very recently, but have not driven it or given it a thorough inspection. I will post the info I was given and a brief comment about the car will follow. If anyone is seriously considering buying this car I would be happy to go through it for you and check out everything, just let me know.

1972 Pantera GTS

-The car is painted Silver with very dark Green deck lids and lower trim paint. Paint was done in 2005. Please see bellow and pictures for a full description.
-Wheels are 17" Campy clones with 245 & 335ZR Dunlop SP Sport 8000 tires.

-351 Cleveland with computer controlled SFI fuel injection and nitrous.
-Hydraulic roller cam
-Dyno tested at 450hp
-Engine was rebuilt in 2004 and has 100 miles on it,

-Willwood master cylinder and calipers with larger vented rotors.
-Fluidyne aluminun radiator with dual Spal sucker fans.
-Ceramic coated Mind Train headers and exhaust.
-Upgraded air conditioning installed in 2003
-Lowered floor pans
-New interior carpeting
-Same owner since 1984
-This car was the 1972 pace car for Michigan International Speedway

I know the dark green metalic paint sounds wierd, but it is so dark that it looks black and you can't really tell until you look up close. In my opinion the paint scheme looks great, and it's a high quality paint job. The engine will make you drool.......Very nice! Wheels and tires appear to be new and are in great shape. The car has L style front and rear bumpers and has a dual pod dash. Interior has newly recovered stock seats and is very clean. The mileage shown on the odometer is 26910.

The asking price is $59,900

If interested, please contact Carolyn Demattia at 248-335-0730 or email at

I will post pictures bellow. Also, I have a few other pictures I can email out if anyone is interested.

Thanks for looking,

Original Post
US GTSs were made late in the 74 model year only and then only in very small quantities, less than 100. It was the end of the Ford era and they did not sell very well; most ended up selling in 1975. Some were retitled to 73 for California delivery. The GTS VIN is the best way to tell.

They were exaxtly the same as all the rest of the 74Ls except they weighed more. They added the riveted on fiberglas flares, the semigloss black hood and deck lid, and the GTS graphics on the side of the car. That is it! European GTSs, now that's a whole different story but once again, extremely rare in the US.

Based on the number of cars that claim to be GTSs, you'd think they made a thousand of them.
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