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I plan on running 8 stack E.F.I. on my car and I'm looking for opinions on what is the current state of the art available today. Holley seems like the way to go for ECU but I'm not sure who makes the best Manifold and throttle bodies. I'm looking at Borla, Inglese, and Hillborn but are there others I should consider? Do any of these companies cast their own manifolds...if not then who does? How do you determine throttle body size? The engine is a 408 cleveland with iron 4v heads, it made 500 H.P. on the dyno with a 750 Holley on an Edelbrock manifold. I also intend to run 180 headers if that matters.

Thanks, Randy

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Randy, “state of the art” has more to do with controls and ignition than it does with hard parts. As always, the big question will be which manifold to use. I believe there are two readily available Weber manifolds: the Hall Pantera IDA manifold and Australian IDF manifold. Most throttle bodies have an IDA flange but I’m pretty sure they’re available for the IDF manifold from Jenvey in the UK. Once you’ve decided on a manifold, the rest becomes a matter of selecting parts and an ECU. Holley is an excellent choice. 

Thanks David, I thought I heard somewhere that the Borla manifold is a copy of the Hall manifold but has a built in vacuum plenum. Does that sound right? From their website:

"Cast in A356 alloy and machined in precision CNC equipment the manifold has cast-in plenum facilities for the MAP sensor and the Idle Air Control"

Are the Hall manifolds still being produced or are they selling old stock? The pictures on the Borla website and the Inglese website look to be the same manifold. 

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Redline of Australia is the original manufacturer of the IR manifold with the built-in vacuum box. Its a 2V manifold with enough "flange" around the runners to seal-up around the ports of a 4V head. It uses intermediate adapters allowing it to be configured for either IDA or IDF bolt patterns. For that reason, its a tall manifold.

Redline_Manifold 1Redline_Manifold 2

The Borla manifold below has a similar box, but its not the same manifold.  I'd guess they've designed their own manifold. You can see a corner of the box which has been added in the middle of the valley.


Below is the Aussie Speed of Australia IDF manifold, which like the Redline manifold is a 2V manifold  with enough "flange" around the runners to seal-up around the ports of a 4V head.

Aussie Speed IDA

Below is the Hall manifold being used for IR fuel injection.

Hall Pantera mnaifold 2

Below is the Hilborn "3 piece" EFI manifold for small block Fords. It provides manifold and throttle bodies all-in-one. Each bank of throttle bodies has a one piece shaft for the butterflies. Only linkage is that connecting one bank to the other. This gets my vote.

Hilborn manifold for SBF


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  • Redline_Manifold 1
  • Redline_Manifold 2
  • Aussie Speed IDA
  • Hall Pantera mnaifold 2
  • Hilborn manifold for SBF
  • borla
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