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$135k... automatic trans, safety straps to keep the driver from falling thru the floor, but no door to keep them from falling out...looks like it bounced twice....but all in all, probably does have a future as a complete car...

Anybody know the car? Lee

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Best thing about Beverly Hills Car Club is their prestigious address located in the heart of affluent Beverly Hills! JK I live in LA and have been to this place numerous times and it is nowhere near BH. It is actually in a sketchy area in East LA  near railroad tracks. Most of the stuff they have that they proclaim as "GREAT COND" is usually a turd with cheap, shiny paint on it. This Mangusta actually looks fairly represented. I saw some project Pantera's years ago where the flooring and structure looked like swiss cheese with undercoating slapped on it. Caveat Emptor!

I wonder if this isn't one of the three cars that sold out of Santa Clarita 15 (?) years back or so???

What is the purpose of the handle seen on the RH of the drivers' seat?    Two headlamp car conversion to four????

Interesting mess........sad to see something SO abused!  Price is 50% too still need another 150K to buy a parts car to finish this one!


Oh, Steve, good catch on the headlight lever---I had seen the glimmer of the green cable in the trunk area, that green -is- the original color used for the 2 headlight lever, it has the marker lights of a US car and so likely in the 8ma900 range.  Note also, some customization around the electric can mounting in front of the radiator (esp, a cross member cut off and then reboxed...). But with the auto transmission there holding the car to gravity, and a Ford engine with manifolds pointed the wrong way (guess someone didn't want to advertise the car as "no engine/trans ) , missing front struts, pedal box gone...

I'd expect the single hardest thing to find for this car (other than the time to make it whole) is probably the passenger door...and "find" is probably not the word, its probably "fabricate" coming someone's way.

...hmm, must be a good story with the car. Judging from the battery, whatever happened to the car was very long ago. I love looking at BHCC (and Gullwing on the east coast) ads, without them these cars would be stuck in peoples garages forever, I think...Lee

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oh, looks like the car was hit hard on the right front and has a "made for the internet" paint job--the left of the car shows it was originally green, but the right of the car and front valance has signs of welding tacks everywhere--then painted over w/o filler--- the inner right fender well rebuilt, a homemade grill frame...So glad I'm nearly finished with my car (!)

But a guess for vin number is between 8ma900 and 8ma952; the switches went from down to up at 8ma956, the 2 headlight cars started at (as I can tell) 8ma902. Provamo recognizes 6 other cars in that range, so this could be any of the other ~19 or so...Lee

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Ive bought 2 Panteras from BHCC, never an issue dealing with them, All paper work and transactions faultless.  What BHCC do is dig out all the cars that would of rotted to death and get them new homes.  They sent me heaps of pics and 5 videos. If you worry about the state of a car then check it out yourself it's that easy. I give BHCC a Thumbs up.

Oh, working at BHCC would be my dream job, the number of fascinating (in terms of both what the cars are and how tortured they can be) at BHCC or Gullwing are pure entertainment...

And every time one like this escapes the garage (where here, its probably been for 40 years) the common quote '401 built, 250 remaining' moves a little.  Last time I counted on Provamo about 300 cars are recorded (but even in the ~25 car range this one comes from, 2/3 are not accounted for).  I'd be curious if there are even a dozen Mangustas that are truly written off worldwide....Lord knows that anybody looking for a used door is going to have a difficult time...

  Just guess we'll be watching BHCC to see the next one emerge as us old folks become older folks...Lee

Many parts will need to be hand made, but with current prices I am unsure if you can get into one for much less. Everything has a base price. Look at the Shelby world for examples of that. There have been cars like Cobras and gt 40's with far worse damage that are now resurrected. Even totalled Panteras are bringing close to $40k and margins are much tighter. Get out the mallets, and metal brake. Maybe the guys across the pond can fab up a door. You can't have a car worth 400k and expect to buy everything off the shelf. Deep pockets and effort will be required, but it's doable. Hell there's hot rodders shaping metal and building half million dollar cars everyday. Having another Mangusta around at the sametime though for proper referencing  would probably make a world of difference.

The car still looks dam good in green.

Last edited by otis bet, this car was worth about $15k when it took its bounce and got off the streets...All in all, the difference in work in restoring this car is probably less than 1000 hours difference to an average old car with tired paint, average rust and cardboard leather...but its still probably a 3 year project for a restoration shop...The good news--the car is virtually worthless for parts. The only question is how much patience for the new owner...

@Johnk posted:

I am new to this chat and had a Mangusta my dad gave me which I sold many years ago to support my family.  Now close to retirement I am looking for that car or another to buy.  Want a running car to go to car shows occasionally.  Any suggestions where to find one?   Utica NY here

Probably should move this post to the cars wanted topic. Good luck finding one. Hope you have deep pockets.


too bad you didn’t keep the Mangusta,  as selling it now, you could’ve retired a year or two earlier. 😉

just about anybody in the Mangusta world realizes they have taken a huge upturn in value during recent years

that being said, I think most sellers are going to utilize a high profile collector car auction to maximize exposure and profit

A word of caution, unless you have $250,000 or more, buying a driver Mangusta will be out of your reach.

keeping in touch through this forum can’t hurt, but constant vigilance  with large name auction houses will likely be the best method to discover available cars


...they probably dropped their price after 8ma750 sold last week--a running driving car that included a passenger door, for $185k....I don't know what the   1965 De Tomaso Sport 5000 Spyder by Fantuzzi | Monterey | RM Sotheby's ( bid up to---but at least, still seems the high water mark for a "standard" Goose is $400k (8ma716, the 'ground truth' car)...excepting the Spider and probably that one with a Chevy engine, it seems that around $200k can really buy a good driver still.

(and ps, though I'm glad our car was bought a long, long time ago, all in all a beat up Alfa spider convertible would still be a blast to drive...until the last 2 decades, the Mangusta was barely a collectors car!)

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