I've replaced my system with R134a moving the condenser to the front of the car,  Sanden compressor and all new components from Vintage Air except for the Expansion Valve which came from Nostalgic AC.  Evaporator is OEM and was flushed thoroughly. Trying to charge system have added approx. 3.5 cans of R134a however no cold air.  High side reading just over 200 psi  low side is still showing vacumn.  Have temporarily taken the anti icing switch out of the system and running power directly to the relay to engage the compressor.  There is a Trinary switch in the system which when hooked up as instructed does not seem to do anything.  Initially had a leak in the system but that has been resolved.  Anyone have any clues as to what might be happening here and a possible solution?


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have you stopped the compressor and see what your pressures are?

discharge pressure with vacuum at suction impleis that no refrigrant is circulating, some thing is plugged

 I hate troubleshooting air-conditioning, especially when it seems the process has been done correctly as apparently in your case.

 Offhand I can’t point to anything but I am wondering how you addressed compressor and system oil. 


Since most of your components were purchased from vintage air, I would contact them and ask them to help you trouble shoot. They are experts and should point you in the right direction.  My encounters with vintage air were favorable when updating my system. 

I agree it sounds that the refrigerant is not circulating as expected for some reason.  

You say you have added 3.5 cans of refrigerant, how much in each can? I would guess that 1kg of refrigerant would be excessive. Something is stopping circulation I would think expansion valve. 

One thing not generally known is, stock evaporator valves have (or had) a fine bronze screen to catch rubber hose and dryer particles before they jam up the compressor. It is conical, about 1" long, in the side port of the valve. It simply floats in there- hook it out with a scribe and soak in some sort of solvent that dissolves rubber.

On the ones I've seen, they are packed solid with debris and will certainly reduce freon flow. The little screen is not soldered- aggressive cleaning will destroy it and replacement valves do not include this screen anymore. Some AC mechanics intentionally leave it out to slightly increase freon flow for more cooling.

Loosen the valve with TWO wrenches- backing up the assembly with one wrench while using the second to undo the nut. I fully realize access is limited, but NOT doing this will twist the line off your evaporator, and they can't be repaired. So out comes the dash for access to change evaporator$. Several 'pro mechanics' have learned this expensive lesson on Pantera AC.

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