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Is the AC bracket and alternator adjusting arm on the Pantera specially De Tomaso part?
What is the difference between first and second version?


Can anyone tell me which Ford parts number, the alternator bracket and adjusting arm have that fits 351C without AC?
Do I need more parts to bolt it on my 351C without AC?

Are the same brackets on all 351C equipped US cars?
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Anders; Not sure if this helps. From the original Ford parts listing the alternator arm is D16Y10145-A, and the alternator/compressor bracket is D16Y10313-B. With assigned Ford numbers, and being engine mounted, my thinking is application goes beyond just the Pantera (possibly Torino, Country Squire wagon). The early to mid '70's vehicles with 351C application should have similar bracketry.
The second series bracket has an arm extension to mount an idler pulley. Not sure about 1st series. Should you not want A/C, the compressor portion of the alternator/compressor bracket has an extension to mount the compressor. I suppose the compressor extension could be cut off the bracket.

I know this is an older post, but just ran across this and since it is all fresh in the brain.......!

The adjuster arm is a Ford part, common as dog butts....but with the bends taken out of them to be flat.   Ford parts have a zig and a zag.....  So DeTomaso flattened them and gave them a Pantera only part number that you reference.

If you look at an original, early cars will have an arm stamped D0OE-10145-A and somewhere in 73-74 this changed to a D3AE-10145-A stamped number.     The parts books say that the "D0OE" (designed for 1970 Fairlane/Torino models, used in just about everything!)  Was used on the Clevelands throughout 70-72.    The D3AE version  (1973 Galaxie design....) is found on 400's, and they are listed online for cheap.....    This design interchanges across many lines and a few engines. 

Again, the "Ford" parts have kinks and bends in them and will not work as found. They will need to be straightened using a press or a BFH! (Big Freakin Hammer!)

I can't comment to the design of the alternator mount.


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