Keeping with originality, I replaced my compressor with a YORK 209210. It's identical except for the clutch, it protrudes about 1/2" too far and the pulley is about that much larger in diameter than original, so the belt doesn't line up. Now I'm thinking I'll just have my original unit re-manufactured. Does anybody know of a good place I can send it to?

I thought about changing the clutch from my original to the new unit, but I think they are pressed on and require special tools. Anybody know anything about that?
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Assuming your new compressor is the same as the old York compressors used by Ford, there's no special tool required. There are 3 steps to remove the clutch:

(1) Remove the belt, energize the clutch
(2) Loosen & remove the clutch mounting bolt & washer
(3) Install a 5/8-11 bolt in the drive shaft hole, tighten the bolt which will bear against the compressor shaft until the clutch pops loose from the shaft.

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