I have a little issue with my seats.  A wire is pushing on the center of lumber area.  No hole but if I don't address it there will be. I suspect a connecting band broke. 

I took the seats to the apholsterer and he pointed out a small split with the side panel at the beginning of the stitching , connecting the holes.  (The rest of the seat is perfect. )  to repair the issues he said he would need to re-stitch the entire cover (50 and year old thread) and replace that panel. Since he can not be sure of a  material color/shine match. I think ( he agrees) all the side panels will need to be replaced to ensure a proper match and a nice fit. .

All of this for the same price as complete covers from SACC restorations.  I would still have him install them. So the batting and cushions can be tweeked. 

IF the seat covers from SACC are a VERY good fit and OE match that may be the way to go. 

Has anyone used them?  

Should I preserve the center material ? (Is it a unique pattern) 

PM works also 

Thanks Jerry Sr

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Hi Jerry.  I installed the SACC covers this winter.  They fit great.  The headrest covers were slightly smaller than stock which required me to cut away some of the old headrest foam to get them to fit properly.  Ideally you would not use the SACC headrest covers if your originals are in decent shape.  Also, I noticed the new SACC foam raised my seating position by about an inch so be aware of that.  I guess this is the difference between sitting on new foam instead of 40 year old compressed foam inserts.  After a few months of driving it seems they are moving lower as they compress a bit with use.  I mention this as you will lose some headroom with the SACC new foam seat material.  I had another Pantera owner tell me he had the same experience with the change in seating position height.  None-the-less, the SACC kit is great, looks good and I was able to do it myself after watching some online training videos and buying hognose pliers and rings.   Mike R.

Thanks. I didn't see new foam for early 72 seats and I am vertically challenged. 5'8" . So seating heigth won't be an issue.  Good to know about the head rests. I am guessing the material is a very good match if reusing the headrests can be reused.  Thank you Mike. Gives me a little peace of mind.  

Jerry Sr

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