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thank you for the photographs. They tell a much more complete story.

studying the photo with the distributor it is quite clear the distributor is so tall that it actually blocks the U channel, below the window gasket, that the three engine screens are supposed to fit within

I have learned the center engine screen has two versions, and the early/late versions attach to each other in a different manner. But I have never confirmed if the forward to rear lengths of the covers remained the same, or changed with the new center section

I suspect the lengths were not changed, which would mean the side covers could interchange, with the understanding that their attachment to the center screen may differ and involve drilling correctly located holes for the screen center section which is attached with screws

how about you remove the distributor cap, and/or wires, and be careful to note which wire goes where

I think we will find the side covers will properly mate to a full-screen center section  



The screen in my car does fit in the channel in back, by the window, but it fits tight. And then there's that half inch overhang in front...I mean, it does fit, it does work, just that overhang and nothing securing it except the two nuts towards the back...

I might wait on removing the distributor cap until I have adult supervision...

OK, I now see the huge cut out for the distributor and you now tell us that the lip on the center screen is a tight fit but is fully seated into the U channel, right?  

I’m actually trying to put together a full set of all three pieces for an owner with an early car. In that process I have discovered there are long and short versions of the all-screen center.


It would follow there are also different lengths of the side covers. ????

this is a side cover that correctly meets with the short center screen  



can you remove your side covers and measure them as I did, starting at the edge of the forward lip, using a flexible cloth tape, if you have one?

I am far from totally understanding the different variance between side covers and center covers, but I am regrettably beginning to think if you want to replace your center cover you’re going to have to use one of the later ones with the raised center bubble.




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As far as the air cleaner interfering with the distributor cap, why try to cram 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag? Lose the 14 inch air cleaner and get a 13 inch Ford racing air cleaner assembly and problem solved there. Your screen issue is one of the cool things about owning a Pantera, so much help available from the brain trust on this forum and from vendors. You will find what you need. Until then, drive it and enjoy!19860EBD-EAF4-4E43-B1DE-10A68B7D9CA5


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